About Jon Baliles

Jon was born and raised in Richmond and has lived in the 1st District since 1997.

Experience in both the private and public sectors has given Jon a unique perspective to serve. He has worked in the insurance industry since 2001, which requires listening to clients’ needs and finding solutions that fit each individual.

He also worked at City for 4½ years in the Press Secretary’s Office (2008) and as Assistant to the Director of the Department of Planning and Development (2009-2012), which taught him the operable (and inoperable) machinery of City government, where he established constructive relationships with many people across multiple departments. Jon resigned his position per City code to run for City Council.

His near decade of service on the Museum District Board, including serving as president, was an invaluable experience in learning about neighborhood and community issues. He is also a member of the Virginia Repertory Theater (Barksdale) Board, and the Programming Committee of the Richmond Folk Festival.

Jon’s entrepreneurial spirit has always been evident in such ventures as my arts and entertainment web site, co-producing the RVA Street Art Festival, and other community-wide interests and projects.

A 1993 graduate of the University of Virginia (B.A.), he also earned a master’s degree in International Business Transactions from George Mason University in 1995. He is also a 2011 graduate of the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership.